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Dear Business Leader,


If you’d like to catapult your business to unprecedented heights, identify what’s hampered your progress in the past and create a tangible plan to reach your goals, then invest a few moments right now to learn how you can kick your future into high gear!

This program will help you look at your business in an entirely different light. You’ll see opportunities you’ve never noticed before and be empowered to act on them immediately.

Many business owners and leaders balk at the idea of assessing and planning, believing that there is just too much work to do and not enough time for all of that ‘soft’ stuff.

A Harvard Business School study revealed that 83% of people don’t have identified goals.  It further showed that 14% have goals but don’t have them written down.  Only a mere 3% of the population has goals that are actually written down!

Which group do you fall in?   

The study went on to say that the 3% with written goals

earned 10 times as much

as the rest of the population!!!

Now, which group do you WANT to be in?

The Strategic Business Planning Toolkit includes an audio program and workbook with over 80 questions that are guaranteed to have you think about and see your business in a very new way. 

The topics focus on:

  1. Crystallizing your vision & end goal so you stay focused on the right things

  2. Assessing your current performance to help you identify the high pay-off leverage points and the specific areas that need improvement

  3. Assessing the landscape to make sure you’re delivering what your customers really want and need and you keep the competition at bay.

  4. Finally, making a plan by identifying and prioritizing the specific action steps you’ll take to get you closer to your Dream Destination.


Want to have a better year next year than this year?

Aim for your success! 

Order now!

I know people process information in different ways.  So depending on how you think best, you have three options to support you on your quest.

  • You can write in the Strategic Business Planning workbook all by itself
  • If you prefer, you can listen to the Strategic Business Planning audio program whenever and wherever it’s convenient for you.
  • Or, for the maximum benefit, you can listen to the audio CD and capture your inspired thoughts in the companion workbook with the Strategic Business Planning combination package.

Our consultants have worked with hundreds of corporate leaders and business owners to improve the efficiency of their operations.  We’ve led tons of strategic sessions aimed at creating breakthrough thinking and remarkable business results…

… and the best of their thinking is distilled down into this easy-to-follow program.

Aim for your success!  Get started today!

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To your brightest and most fulfilling future,


Loretta Love Huff

The Dream Leader for Business

President, Emerald Harvest Consulting, LLC





p.s. We’re also available to support you and your team in going through this process ‘live’.  Just call we’ll talk about your needs.


p.p.s. You have my personal guarantee that you’ll gain new ideas by using this toolkit.  If after going though the entire process, you can honestly say that nothing of value occurred for you, just call me and I’ll gladly refund you every penny of your investment out of my own pocket!

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