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Use this simple, step-by-step system

to create an endless stream of clients

with less stress and more success

& enjoy more money in your bank account

What you're about to learn are the tactics it takes

to grow your business far beyond your current level of success while still having time to enjoy your life!


with Loretta Love Huff, The Dream Leader for Business


Dear Friend,

Is your business not growing as fast as you'd like? 

Do you feel like you're using a

shot-gun approach to your marketing?

Is your pipeline too dry for comfort?

Are you losing deals because you're

not following up with prospects?

Do you find it too hard to close sales?



I know what that's like!


I've been there myself.


And if you're like many of the business owners I talk with, you feel like you're running around like a chicken with its head cut off: scampering from meeting-to-meeting, project-to-project, emergency-to-emergency with little time to be proactive or strategically grow your business.


Is this you?:

  • You're frustrated over how hard it is to bring in new clients

  • You feel like you're stretched too thin, working hard but not enjoying the results you'd hoped for

  • You're disappointed that those strategies haven't paid off in the way you hoped and you're not sure what to do about it.

  • You're worried you don't have the marketing tools you need to land your ideal clients

  • You don't know who your ideal client is

  • And if you do, you're exhausted from putting out fires in the office, the day is over and you haven't reached out to a single ideal prospect

  • You're not sure you even have any viable prospects

  • You believe there's some secret to marketing well, but no one has shared it with you!

Well, have I got a treat for you!


I have been teaching people - like you - how to market their businesses more effectively for several years now.


I've been in business for over 12 years myself and have been the recipient of numerous business awards including being honored by the Phoenix Business Journal as one of the Top Women in Business.



I've been invited to speak on live stages and radio shows across North America. I've been a featured guest on TV shows and invited to write articles for or contribute to stories in Black Enterprise, the Arizona Republic, Working Woman, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times and the Phoenix Business Journal.


I've put on my own events and led 'sold-out' programs. People find me online and call me to see how I can help them reach their goals.


But it wasn't always that way.



Years ago, I struggled to define my ideal clients. I tripped over my tongue when people asked me "what do you do?". I lacked confidence in explaining my value.


I wasted a lot of time keeping myself 'busy' but not really accomplishing much in the way of marketing and growing my business. It felt comfortable and safe but quietly frustrating because deep inside I knew I was wasting away, allowing my talents and gifts to remain hidden from the world.


But then, I began to invest in myself and my business (literally thousands and thousands of dollars and hours, months, even years of my life).


It all paid off though! I learned from the best and implemented what I learned. I took chances doing things I found uncomfortable. I associated myself with other people who were not satisfied with the status quo and who were willing to do something about it!


If you're like most service-oriented people,  it's a struggle for you to sell your services to others.  While you're an expert at what you do, selling just isn't one of your areas of expertise. The thought of selling might even make you sick to your stomach!


In fact, you might cringe at the thought of following up with people and 'closing the sale', yet you know realize if you don't do those things, you'll soon be out of business and have to get that dreaded J.O.B!


So you engage in activities you hope will grow your business, yet it feels like you're spinning your wheels and getting nowhere FAST!


You try networking, blogging, advertising, social media, cold calling, warm calling, referral building.


Your efforts pay off...a bit, but not to the level you expected and that leaves you feeling exhausted and sometimes even, hopeless.


What's your biggest issue?


Can't decide where to begin? 

Many people are overwhelmed by all that they COULD do and fail to do what they CAN do. 


Not sure how to put all the pieces together? 

You think you should be making more cold/warm calls, but wonder if you should get your website finished first.  You wonder if all the networking you're doing will ever pay off in REVENUE in your pocket!


Can't keep yourself motivated?

Do you get discouraged and don't always do what you know you need to do?  Do you think it's easier to wait or hope the phone will ring on its own?


You are not alone!


But when you stay trapped in your comfort zone, you can't grow!



The truth is...


Magic and miracles happen outside your comfort zone and, while I know it may be unnerving, I'm committed to holding your hand and lovingly guiding you to reach for new heights so that you become the person you've always wanted to be and earn the money you truly desire!


I'm thrilled to be able to offer you this amazing opportunity to learn and use a truly simple and easy-to-implement system called Get Clients Now! that will help you bring in more clients, grow your business and drop more profits into your bank account.



Increase your sales and marketing success TODAY!



combines expert coaching, accountability, perspective and support with proven marketing strategies to get you all the clients you need


With this program you will...

  • Land more clients with less stress and effort on your part

  • Feel organized, focused and effective in marketing your business

  • Gain the visibility and credibility you desire so you easily attract your ideal clients

  • Gracefully build confidence in yourself and your abilities so people look to YOU for guidance in solving their problems

  • Earn more money because people are willing to pay you what you're worth



I LOVE this program and you will too!


"Loretta, you changed my life!"


In just one day, I've completed my entire week's worth of business. Once I put my foot in the water, the ripple just turned into a tidal wave! My phone started ringing, people were calling me back and great opportunities were put in my path!


Within 6 weeks, I:

  • Reached 139% of my team sales goal
  • Produced a 400% increase in my recruiting efforts, engaging 2 new members for myself and 6 new members for my downline.
  • Got promoted even though I hadn't even set that as a goal
  • Was positioned for the next promotion that will literally quadruple my business
  • Won an all-expense paid trip to a special leadership weekend training
  • Generated 'more leads than I know what to do with!'







Kelly Boyd

doTERRA Elite


"$59,000 in 5 weeks!"

"I set a goal to schedule 6 weeks of training and did that with a week to spare! I also landed a year-long training contract and these two accomplishments brought in $59,000.00 for our company! I learned so much about marketing working with you. Thank you!"

Andrea Lupo    
Dealer Service Academy    




"Confidence to Charge What I'm Worth!"

"I learned a great deal about marketing and got very clear on the aspects that I needed to focus on, in a way that I never had before.  Half way through, my goal shifted as I realized the path I was pursuing was not likely to lead to the clients who could pay what I now charge as a result of being in this program."


Pauline Sandell

Zeta 21 International

Co-Founder/V.P. Training



"Achieved 267% of program goal

plus more creativity!"


One of the major benefits I got was clarity of thinking. That clarity allowed me to map out a new marketing strategy that was so effective and compelling people took action and donated during the summer even though they typically would have waited until tax time next spring.


We set a goal for 30 new donors and gained 80 (267%) before the program was even complete!


The discipline of this program also freed my mind to think about more creative things. I tackled a sticky and delicate issue that has been on the table for 7 years. With my new found clarity, I developed recommendations that could solve this serious issue for our entire industry!





Liz Dreckman

Arizona School Choice Trust



"Tripled Speaking Engagements!"

"Before Get Clients Now, I was spending my time ‘getting ready to get ready’.

In the course, I dropped the limiting beliefs I had about myself that were holding me back. I not only built a solid marketing foundation, I learned how to blast through all the steps of the sales process.

In 2 months, I tripled the number of speaking engagements I had! I am now delivering workshops and growing my business!"




Sandra Kindred ,
Owner & Co-Founder
Back on Track Solution




"150% of my goal with

6 new clients in just 6 weeks!"

"Loretta, I'm so glad I signed up for your program!  It hasn't even started yet, but our private coaching session has already given me encouragement to bring up what I do with people I meet. 

The tip you gave me in our private coaching session was so different than the way I normally approach my calls, I doubted that it would even work. 

But I tried it anyway and IT WORKED LIKE A CHARM!"

p.s. By the end of the program, I achieved 150% of my program goal and I'm just ecstatic!!




Claudelle Johnson

Financial Consultant





28-Day program supported by a 7-week teleclass:

  • Two 90-minute kickoff seminars
  • Five 45-minute group coaching sessions


This PROVEN SYSTEM is built around 3 powerful elements:

- effective PERSONALIZED marketing strategies that fit YOUR personal TASTES

- an ACTION-ORIENTED 28-day program (you'll be surprised how fast it goes)

- suggestions and coaching for MANAGING FEAR, RESISTANCE and PROCRASTINATION!


Here's how it works...


We'll start off with two 90-minute kick-off tele-clinics during which we'll review various marketing strategies especially targeted for professional service providers.


You'll also participate in five 45-minute group coaching sessions during which you'll report on your progress, get coached and benefit from the mastermind power of your fellow participants.



"Roadmap for success!"


After working with Loretta, I felt more confident about handling my business affairs. I feel like I now know how to get the things done that will make my business soar.  I have identified lucrative packages  I can offer my clients and I now feel like I can easily create the roadmap to follow for me to achieve success in my business.





Karen Crawford

KomputerED Tools



"Get Clients Now is fabulous! 

It keeps my pipeline full"



"The 'Get Clients Now' coaching series was fabulous! I now have a process that I can modify as needed, based on the needs of my business. It really helps me to stay focused on the areas of my business needed to keep my pipeline full and generate revenue. Loretta is a great motivator!"





Linda Larson,
Independent agent




Which of these 4 floodgates that are stifling your sales

and robbing your profits do you most need to open?   

1.  Do you need to fill your pipeline?
Are you newly in business?
Do you only have a few people/companies you could call?
Have you contacted every prospect within the last 30 days?
2.  Do you need to improve your follow up activities?

Do you have a stack of business cards from people you've met, but you haven't contacted them since you met?

Do you have warm leads that you haven't followed up with?

Are there prospects who said "no" to your first offer(s) and you haven't contacted them recently?

3.  Could you do a better job at getting presentations?

Do you follow up consistently but can't get that initial meeting scheduled?

Do people brush you off when you do reach them?

Do most people you speak with have some reason not to do business with you?

4.  Is it time to work on closing sales?

Do you get to make presentations but just never 'land the deal'?

Do you run into a seemingly endless stream of objections?

Do you end meetings not quite sure where what's going to happen next?


If you answered "yes" to any of the questions above...

Get Clients Now! is for you!

SIGN ME UP!(<<click now)




"Doubled client re-bookings!"

"I needed to learn a marketing approach that felt really genuine for me. At the beginning of Get Clients Now, I was afraid to ask people to re-book with me at the end of a session.

During the course I released that fear and my re-bookings doubled with less stress and effort on my part. My average monthly retail sales increased almost 30%; my monthly service sales increased 67%! I am pleased and my clients are just as happy!”






Athena Bel

Licensed Aesthetician




Once you identify where you're stuck, you'll learn strategies to rapidly move out of the rut you're in and generate more business.  You'll get the support and motivation you need to stay on track and expand your reach (and sales!) dramatically.

In Get Clients Now! you'll set a QUANTIFIABLE marketing GOAL to accomplish over the next month that will stretch and delight you!

With coaching from me and great ideas from the Get Clients Now! book, you'll create:


- a CUSTOMIZED 28-day marketing and sales PLAN made up of 10 SIMPLE TASKS you select and commit  to do consistently - your own customized RECIPE for SUCCESS


- 1 to 3 critical, yet missing SUCCESS INGREDIENTS that will increase your credibility and effectiveness

   with your prospects (Hint: They're probably on a list of things languishing in your back-burner 'to-do' list)


- a SUPPORT SYSTEM to keep you sustained and moving forward


- a 'picked-by-you' bonus to REWARD yourself for your ACHIEVEMENT


You'll know EXACTLY where to begin

& what to do EVERY DAY!





  • What really works marketing a service business, and what doesn't so you invest prudently & wisely

  • How to diagnose your marketing ailments with the Universal Marketing Cycle so you focus on targeted, high-payoff activities

  • Over 100 different proven tools & tactics for marketing your business so you'll never run out of great, creative ideas to get more clients easily

  • The difference between a marketing tool and a marketing tactic and why it matters so you have what you need and do what you must to make more money

  • Discover the missing ingredients that have prevented your marketing from being successful so you catapult your business to new heights

  • How to break out of "analysis paralysis" and make the right choices about marketing. Stop procrastinating and hesitating from fear and make sales happen!

  • How doing ten simple things per day can bring you all the clients you'll ever need!












Step 1.

Create goals that inspire you



You'll set a BIG long-term business goal plus a short-term target to achieve during the program. This is important because without having a goal, you'll flounder and waste your time.  WITH goals, the path to your goal will become clear and you'll have the motivation you need to produce the results you want.



Step 2.

Pick the most effective marketing strategies for you



I'll describe the spectrum of marketing strategies, the outcomes, benefits and drawbacks of each.  Then you'll select the ones you believe are the most appropriate for you given your specific, current situation and where you're leaving money on the table.  You'll use your time more efficiently. You'll focus your efforts. You'll land more clients.



Step 3

Open the floodgates so you make more sales



Your business could be suffering from not enough prospects, no effective follow up system, no sales conversations or your lack of skills closing the sale.  In order for your marketing efforts to be effective, you MUST know which tactics work on which of your problemsOtherwise, you're efforts will be wasted trying to fix something that isn't a critical problem. When you put the right combination together, your efforts will magically produce sales, clients and profits.



Step 4

Produce the success ingredients you've been missing



Your business is floundering because you don't have what you need to really land the perfect clients.  You'll select from a list of the most important ones and then get the support you need in creating the exact marketing tools that have been missing in your business.



Step 5

Create a plan and take simple actions



This is one of the best and easiest parts of the program that will end your confusion and wheel-spinning!  You'll pick a short list of actions you'll do every day or every week.  You'll be provided with a menu of over 100 ideas to pick from.  (Did I say this was really easy?)


You will select the ones you'll use based on the marketing strategies you're focusing on AND the specific floodgate you're aiming to break through.

  • Packing your pipeline

  • More effective ways to follow up

  • How to turn your follow up efforts into sales presentations and

  • How to close the sale!


Step 6

Track your activity and results



Every week, you'll report on your progress.  I find that avoiding public humiliation will provide you with the motivation you need to "reach out and touch someone" (or even a LOT of someones:-) )



Step 7

Motivation & support to accomplish your goals



You'll receive brief daily moments of inspiration and weekly coaching and mastermind support to keep you focused on your goal and able to overcome any obstacles you encounter.




  • Clarity about how you should be investing your precious time and money

  • A simple-to-use repeatable system that will keep you focused on your goals

  • Unbridled confidence in yourself...


SIGN ME UP!(<<click now)

"This program is one great investment!"

"Get Clients Now! is an awesome program. It helps you set the marketing direction you need. Loretta is awesome too. She definitely is the ‘go-to guru’ on marketing. She holds your feet to the fire so you stay focused on your goals & makes the program enjoyable at the same time.

I’ve gained a better understanding of marketing tactics that produce the best results for me and a clearer vision of how to grow my business efficiently. The results are just amazing! New and existing business owners need to invest in their business and this program is one great investment!"





Norma McCormick




"Landed a huge client!"

"Get Clients Now! helped me really refine my ideal client profile.  I used this new profile to conduct a thorough review of the hundreds of business cards I had collected over the years but had been ignoring.  It focused my prospecting efforts on people whose needs clearly matched what I had to offer and who could afford to pay my higher fees. 

I landed a business client that could actually fill my practice and be a source of referrals for me in the future!  I can now relax and have more fun building my business."







Marcy Maslov

Empowerment Unlimited Coaching





Accountants * Attorneys *

Brokers * Chiropractors * Coaches *

Consultants * Counselors * Designers * Distributors * Financial Advisors *
Freelancers * Insurance Agents/Brokers * IT Professionals *
MLM Organizations * Realtors * Salespeople *
Speakers * Therapists * Trainers *


Get started now!!!

HURRY! Space is limited!

Class size is intentionally kept small

so you get the individualized attention

to catapult your productivity


"75% Increase in Revenue in 3 Weeks!”


"Before taking Get Clients Now! I had no effective follow-up system and knew I was missing out on potential business. Taking advantage of the accountability that this program provides, I established a very efficient, trusted and easy-to-use lead-tracking system. I implemented new ideas I learned that resulted in a 75% increase in coaching revenue within three weeks following the program.





Michael Veltri
DC Aikido




SIGN UP NOW for Get Clients Now!

and receive these exciting BONUSES




Extra add-ons VALUED AT $641 to make your experience even more beneficial

BONUS mp3 to Nail Your Niche so you easily attract prospects you'll love to serve who will pay you top dollar to help solve their problems. Includes valuable templates to make this process simple and easy!

(Value $147)

Special audio training to clear away your mental roadblocks you have to attracting money into your life


(Value $97)

Private one-on-one strategy session with me to uncover any remaining obstacles to creating even more profits in your business.

(Value $397)





The Get Clients Now! book will be used as the text for this program.

If you do not already own a copy, you may order it at checkout when you register for one of the group programs.




  • Two 90-minute seminars by telephone (call from any phone anywhere -- no special equipment required)
  • Five 45-minute small group coaching sessions by phone (1 per week)
  • A toolkit of tested and highly effective sales and marketing techniques
  • Your own customized 28-day marketing plan that you can use over and over again, targeted to meet your goals and leverage your personal skills
  • Coaching, accountability and mastermind support from your coach and your team
  • WAY MORE CLIENTS & higher paying ones at that!







It's all about YOU!


No Need to Wait for the Group Program. Start right away!

(Limited availability however. Don't dally.)






Same program, same benefits but amplified by working directly - and privately - with me:


     - Define the Dream Destinationfor your business and your life


    - Discover and blast through the roadblocks that are getting in your way


     - Execute on those activities that will generate massive increases in your revenue


     - Stay focused and on track so you accomplish your goals!

  • Two private 45-minute telephone sessions to craft your marketing plan
  • Five 20-minute weekly accountability/coaching sessions to track your progress and make sure you stay focused
  • Copy of Get Clients Now book
  • A toolkit of tested and highly effective sales and marketing techniques
  • Your own customized 28-day marketing plan that you can use over and over again, targeted to meet your goals and leverage your personal skills
  • Coaching, accountability and mastermind support from your coach and your team
  • WAY MORE CLIENTS & higher paying ones at that!


"Monetizing my pipeline!"


"I chose to work with Loretta privately on my Get Clients Now! program.  As a result of Loretta’s coaching, I stopped procrastinating and waiting for everything to be perfect.


I’m way more confident now.  I learned a lot about marketing especially how important it is to work my pipeline every day.  One of the things Loretta taught me helped me monetize my pipeline in a way I never had before and I expect to reap many benefits from this well into the future."





Kristina Barroco

The Arizona Group Insurance Brokers

Commercial Client Executive (Agent)






$1,297.00 (best deal)

Pay in full and save!

Just $1,297.00


Affordable payment option!

Just 3 easy payments of $467.00

(21 days apart)










Start times: TBD
Two 90-min. Kick-off Seminars
(BOTH required)
Five 45-min. Group coaching calls
Dates TBD Dates TBD

$297.00 (best deal)

Pay in full and save!

Just $297.00



“4 new recurring clients in 6 weeks!”


Before I worked with Loretta, it was hard for me to sell myself. I was scared of being rejected. I wouldn’t call people and that stagnated my growth.


Even though it was hard at first, I came out of my comfort zone and broke through my own barriers. Loretta taught me what to say when I call so I DO call now. My fears subsided, my confidence improved and that has helped me be more successful.


Loretta helped me set concrete goals and held me accountable for reaching them. Rather than have leads just sit around and turn into nothing, I’ve now turned them into something – new paying clients and me reaching my goals!


Breaking through my resistance to following up with people even allowed me to land a “big fish”!




Niccol Walsh

Arizona Massage and Healing




"10 new clients in 6 weeks!"

"I achieved 130 percent of my program goal landing 10 new clients in 6 weeks! I now have specific new goals I know I can accomplish along with a process I can tailor to each of my new target markets. I enjoyed this course immensely and learned a ton!"



Kriss Tonge

Strategic Points

Document Preparation, PLLC




Still not convinced this program is right for you?

Read what The Costco Connection had to say!

"Confidence and mastery!"

"Before this course, marketing was really difficult for me. What I learned made me more confident about how and where to market my services. Plus I got the added bonus of mastering marketing techniques that I can apply to my other business as well."


(click on the photo to hear what else Margaret had to say)

Margaret Jacoby

MJ Management Solutions, Inc.



"4 new clients, 5 workshops

+ 2 speeches!"


"I have just completed working the Get Clients Now! program...

I got four new clients, lined up five workshops and two speaking engagements, and had an article written about me in the local paper!"





Tifin Kutch
-- Life Coach





If you execute this program and aren’t thrilled with your results,

I will personally refund your investment out of my own pocket

 Just call me and tell me.


"Get Clients Now! made it crystal clear exactly what I should do!"


" It shows you all the proven ways of marketing one's business and helps you figure out which of these apply to you. It made clear to me exactly what I should be doing -- no more guessing."







Karen Frishman
-- Marketing Consultant


OK. I'm convinced.

SIGN ME UP! (<<click now)


Thanks Loretta.  I'd love to be in the program and get your fabulous coaching and support, but I just can't swing it right now.


Loretta, please send me your article,

"The Five Biggest Mistakes Service Professionals Make in their Marketing"


Click here for access

P.S. - Your name and E-mail address will NEVER be sold, rented or given away.  You have my word on it!





C.J. Hayden's award-winning book






P. S. You have nothing to lose with my money-back guarantee.

P. P. S. – Also... remember that because you're investing in this exclusive program to increase your business, your entire program tuition is 100% tax deductible. (Double-check with your accountant of course.) That makes this an even better deal — and a win-win for you!

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